For decades, bioactive glasses have been investigated as synthetic bone graft substitutes that can bond with bone. Recent discoveries of the superior properties of bioactive glasses show that their clinical performance clearly exceeds that of traditional synthetic bone grafts. BonAlive Biomaterials Ltd is dedicated to transforming these discoveries into clinical benefits for patients worldwide.


The commercialization of the resorbable S53P4 bioactive glass was initiated in 1996 by Abmin Technologies Ltd for dental applications. In 2002 the biomaterial company Vivoxid Ltd was formed to continue the commercialization, and product registrations in head and neck indications were initiated. The CE-mark for cranio-maxillofacial surgery was received in 2004 and the regulatory approval in EU for the use in orthopaedics was obtained in 2006. In 2007 the Abmin granules were rebranded as BonAlive® granules and the FDA's 510(k) clearance was received in 2008.

A turning point for the BonAlive technology was in 2008 when a new pioneering strategy was established to focus on indications involving chronically infected bone. In 2009 a management buyout of the BonAlive business from Vivoxid Ltd was executed and the company BonAlive Biomaterials Ltd was formed. In January 2010 BonAlive Biomaterials Ltd initiated operations as a fully independent company.


BonAlive Biomaterials Ltd is an emerging leader in the field of implantable medical devices for bone regeneration. BonAlive® products are available in Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Brazil through a professional distributor network. The clinical use of the bioactive glass S53P4 is supported by a twenty- year research history. Several randomized prospective trials in the field of benign bone tumour, spine and trauma surgery have been conducted.

Corporate Mission and Vision


  • To provide innovative and safe solutions to heal patients with bone defects


  • To become the world-leader in providing synthetic biomaterial solutions for the treatment of chronically infected bone