Fighting Antibiotic Resistance

We dare to believe in a healthy future without antibiotics


Antimicrobial resistance  is one of the most serious health threats of our modern world. By 2050 it is estimated that it will cause the death of over 10 million people annually. We at BonAlive Biomaterials provide a new viewpoint, believing that there will be a healthy future without the current dependency on antibiotics. Our spearhead technology, BonAlive® granules bioactive glass is a first step towards that future, reducing the need for antibiotics in chronic bone infections.

Our novel bacterial growth inhibiting BonAlive® granules bioactive glass is the result of 20 years of innovation and advanced clinical development. This technology is currently the only biomaterial in the world that can fight chronic bone infections without local antibiotics. A newly published 116-patient clinical study further solidifies the evidence that BonAlive® is a true innovation of our time.

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PRESS RELEASE (NL): Het gevecht tegen antibioticaresistentie met glas

New Publication: Bioactive Glass Reduces the Need for Antibiotics in Bone Infection Surgery

Tutkimus: Bioaktiivinen lasi vähentää antibioottien tarvetta luutulehduksen hoidossa