Message from the CEO

Fredrik OllilaAt BonAlive we are passionate about improving patient outcome. By providing well-proven and safe bone regeneration products to surgeons world-wide we also save operation costs and time. BonAlive Biomaterials Ltd builds on extensive research and clinical experience gathered during the past twenty years. Several randomized prospective trials in the field of benign bone tumour, spine and trauma surgery have been conducted. With more than fifty published peer-reviewed articles, BonAlive® is one of the most evidence-based technologies in our industry. Today the company is engaged in research, manufacturing and sales of BonAlive® bone regeneration products for orthopaedic, trauma as well as cranio-maxillofacial and ear, nose and throat surgery.

The 15-year history of using BonAlive® granules in chronically infected bone surgery in the frontal sinus and mastoid areas was reinforced in 2011 by the approval of the official indication for BonAlive® granules: bone cavity filling in the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis in orthopaedics. Since the approval, full efforts have been made on indications involving chronically infected bone and so far the results in patients suffering from chronic osteomyelitis have been impressive. The clinical problem that BonAlive® granules can solve is the regeneration of areas with bone loss through its osteostimulative* property while simultaneously preventing bacterial growth due to its unique bacterial growth inhibiting feature.



Fredrik Ollila
CEO and Founder
BonAlive Biomaterials Ltd