Privacy policy - Customers

Last Updated: 22 May 2018

1. Data controller
BonAlive Biomaterials ltd
Biolinja 12, 20750
Turku, Finland
Business ID: 2298640‐5

2. What does this privacy policy cover?
This privacy policy describes how BonAlive (also referred to as “we”, “our”) will make use of your
information in the context of our marketing, sales and advertising practices.

3. For which purposes is my data collected?
Data is collected and processed on the basis of legitimate interest pursued by the controller.
Legitimate interest may be described as the interest of BonAlive Biomaterials which are connected
to the business activities of BonAlive Biomaterials. In order to provide the best possible service and
products it is in the interest of BonAlive Biomaterials to ensure that the targeted marketing is
interesting and relevant. Therefore, BonAlive Biomaterials can process personal data in order to
send relevant and targeted advertisements.

Personal data may also be collected when it is necessary for the performance of a contract to which
the data subject is party. Personal data may also be processed if the data subject has given consent
to process his or her personal information for one or more specific purposes.
We process personal data to operate our business mostly for the predefined purposes, mentioned

• Delivery of our products, services and their personalization
• Product development
• Customer relationship management
• Targeted advertising e.g. Newsletter

We do not use automation software or profiling.

4. What information is collected?

• User information such as: name, e‐mail address, country, phone number and title
• Order information
• Data logs of user behavior

5. How information is regularly collected
Information is primarily collected from congresses, forms on the www‐site, customer visits and
other similar situations where information might be exchanged.

6. Who can handle my personal data?
Information isn’t generally handed over to third parties.
Assigned personnel within BonAlive Biomaterials can handle personal data according to the
applicable Personal Data Act. In case we outsource the handling of personal data to a third party
supplier or contractor, we ensure through contractual measures that the personal data is handled
appropriately and in compliance with the Personal Data Act.
Data is typically stored in the EU or the EEA locations. In case any data is transferred outside these
locations, we will ensure that the country to which the data is transferred has sufficient level of
privacy protection.

7. How long is my data stored?
We store data only for a as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes laid out in section 3, except
where otherwise determined by law.

8. How do we safeguard your data?
When managing personal data we comply with the current laws and regulations as wells as our
company’s current data security policies. Our IT infrastructure is kept to up to date which ensures
secure and appropriate handling of personal data. Access to personal data is restricted only for
responsible and relevant persons and all information is handled confidentially.

9. How can I influence my privacy?
We are committed to provide our users choice and control over the data process. Below is listed
different options.

Right to verify and check your information
Upon the users request we can modify or supplement any incorrect or unnecessary data. Users
may modify or check their personal data by contacting our customer service. Please see contact
details below.

Right to data portability
Users have the right to request their data to be sent from one database to another by contacting
our customer service. Please see contact details below.
Users may also exercise their rights to other current rights applicable by the General Data
Protection Regulation. All requests are answered within a month of the written request. Please be
ready to verify your identity.
If the processing of your personal data is based on your consent, you may at any time revoke your
consent by contacting BonAlive Biomaterials. Processing of your personal data is necessary for us to
be able to provide you with our services and products. Repealing your consent may lead to a
situation where we cannot provide you with some or all of our services and products.

Contact details:


BonAlive Biomaterials ltd
Biolinja 12, 20750 Turku, Finland

If you feel that BonAlive Biomaterials has not followed the applicable personal data legislation, you
have the right to register a complaint to a competent supervisory authority.

Contact: Ratapihantie 9, 6. krs, 00520 Helsinki
PL 800, 00521 Helsinki
Vaihde: 029 56 66700

10. Updating the Privacy Statement
BonAlive Biomaterials reserves the right to update this Privacy Statement when applicable e.g. to develop business processes and follow up on legislation