Trauma surgery

The clinical use of BonAlive® granules in trauma surgery is supported by a long-term randomised prospective trial with an 11-year follow-up in patients with tibial plateau fractures. The results from the trial clearly showed that the long-term performance of BonAlive® granules is comparable to autograft.

BonAlive® granules is a unique bone graft substitute that inhibits bacterial growth on a vast number of bacterial species that are related to orthopaedic complications, including e.g. MRSA.

BonAlive® granules produces a high but balanced local bone turnover by stimulating new bone formation through osteostimulation*.


BonAlive® granules indications

  • Bone cavity filling
  • Bone cavity filling in the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis

BonAlive® putty indication

  • Bony voids and gaps

For further details see references.

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