BonAlive® product line

The new era of bone regeneration

As the science of the 3rd generation biomaterials is further unfolding, a clear shift from traditional bone replacement technologies (osteoconduction) to bone regeneration technologies (osteostimulation*) can be seen. BonAlive® granules and BonAlive® putty are osteostimulative* and come with a range of benefits matched by no other bone graft substitute. In addition,  BonAlive® granules has the unique feature of inhibiting bacterial growth making it an effective tool for bone cavity filling in the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis. The composition of BonAlive® bioactive glass S53P4 by weight is: SiO2 53%, Na2O 23%, CaO 20%, P2O5 4%.

The Association for Finnish Work has granted The Key Flag Symbol for all BonAlive® products.