Inhibition of bacterial growth
(not verified for BonAlive® putty)

One of the most striking features of BonAlive® granules is its ability to inhibit bacterial growth. This phenomenon has been evidenced in a wide range of clinically relevant aerobic and anaerobic bacterial species through in vitro studies, and indirectly by empirical observation of patient data over the past 15 years, which shows that in those very rare situations when a patient has suffered a post-surgery infection, in no case has a material-related infection been observed.

The bacterial growth inhibiting effect of BonAlive® granules is based on two simultaneous processes that occur when the bioactive glass reacts with body fluids.

  1. Sodium is released from the surface of the glass, which induces a slight elevation of the pH and this is not favourable for the bacteria.
  2. The ions (of Na, Ca, P and Si) which are released from the surface give rise to an increase in osmotic pressure, i.e. an environment where the bacteria cannot grow.

Chronic bone infections play a large role in surgery as the infection is hard to eradicate and might require several operations. The clinical effect of BonAlive® granules is seen through the combined effect of the product’s bacterial growth inhibiting, bioactive and osteostimulative* properties. BonAlive® granules is the only bone graft substitute for which the claim of inhibition of bacterial growth has been approved.


For further details see references.