Upon implantation into a bone defect, the bioactive glass granules activate a biological process that actively enhances bone regeneration, in a fashion far superior to mere osteoconductive materials. The phenomenon is based on the promotion of particular cell stages of the osteogenic cell lineage through specific gene activation. This active role in osteogenesis has been defined as osteostimulation*. In vitro and experimental studies with the bioactive glass granules S53P4 give evidence that they act as an osteostimulative* material.

Osteostimulation* signifies that BonAlive® granules and BonAlive® putty have the capacity to:

  1. stimulate the recruitment and differentiation of osteoblasts
  2. activate osteoblasts to produce new bone
  3. activate specific osteoblast genes as a response to ion dissolution from the material

Osteostimulative* materials need a bony environment to stimulate new bone formation. The phenomenon may also be referred to as “osteoproduction” or “osteopromotion”.


Bone formation


Bone formation