BonAlive® putty

BonAlive® putty is a sterile ready-to-use bone graft substitute. It can be delivered directly to the bone defect without further mixing or preparation and has been specifically optimised for demanding orthopaedic and trauma surgery. BonAlive® putty is made of osteostimulative* S53P4 bioactive glass granules and a water-soluble synthetic binder. The bioactive glass component of BonAlive® putty consists only of elements naturally existing in the body (Si, Na, Ca, P) and has been in clinical use for more than 20 years. The binder acts as a temporary binding agent for the bioactive glass. After implantation the binder is absorbed leaving behind only the bioactive glass thus permitting tissue infiltration between the granules for bone regeneration.

BonAlive® putty has not been verified to inhibit bacterial growth.



  • BonAlive® putty is indicated for bony voids and gaps.


Small applicator

Ref. no Package size
16110 1 cc
16120 2.5 cc

Large applicator

Ref. no Package size
16130 5 cc
16140 10 cc